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Complete boiler breakdowns are a common problem and can come from a wide range of different causes. Below are some problems we come across on a regular basis.

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Should anyone other than a gas safe registered engineer fix my boiler?
No, only gas safe registered engineers should service or repair your boiler.

Don't ever attempt to do any servicing or repair work on your gas central heating system yourself – always use a Gas Safe Register approved heating engineer.

All boilers and heating systems should be serviced and checked annually by a gas safe registered engineer. This will help prevent any future problems and potentially expensive emergency call outs.

Complete boiler breakdowns are a common problem and can come from a wide range of different causes. Below are some problems we come across on a regular basis.
My boiler has stopped working?
Have you checked that there is power to the boiler?
If the power supply is not on this could be a cause of the problem, if this is the case you will need to contact your electricity supplier.
Is the gas supply on?
Check the gas stopcock to ensure it is switched on. If it is on but there is no gas, you have a gas supply problem, you will need to call your gas supplier.
The Pilot light has gone out!
If the pilot light has gone out you may be able to relight it by following the manufacturer's instructions, these can generally be found printed on the boiler door, in the printed user manual or the manufacturers website.
If you have a boiler without a pilot light, press the de-blocking button. If that doesn't work, check the central heating pressure is as per manufacturer's instructions, this is usually one bar. If that does not work and you have the central heating pressure set correctly, you may have either a gas supply problem or you'll need to get a gas safe registered engineer in for a repair.
Is the room thermostat at the correct setting?
The boiler will only work when the thermostat is set higher than that of the current room temperature. Try increasing the temperature of the thermostat a degree or two, if the boiler fires up then thermostat has been set too low.
Is your timer set correctly?
Check the settings on your timer, are they set correctly? If the timer won't switch on, check the batteries, they may need replacing or you could have a problem at the power source.
Is the central heating pressure set correctly?
Manufacturers recommend that that pressure on your boiler is set to one bar
Is your condensate pipe frozen?
The condensate pipe is the pipe that carries condensation from your boiler to your outside drain, in freezing temperatures it is common for the condensate pipe to freeze, resulting in a blockage. When a blockage occurs the condensate backs up in to the boiler causing it to shut down.

Your boiler may show a display fault code or display warning light, you might also hear a bubbling or gurgling sound coming from your boiler and condensate pipe.

If you suspect that your condensate pipe is frozen you can follow the below guidelines on how to defrost the pipe;

1. The pipe will usually freeze at its most exposed point, this maybe at the bend, you may see that ice has formed on the outlet, a bit like an icicle.
2. To defrost the pipe fill a jug or watering can with warm water, do not use boiling water, this can crack and damage the pipe. You may need to heat water in a kettle for this if your boiler is not working. Pour the warm water over the length of the pipe until it thaws (you may need to repeat this a couple of times).
3. Start the boiler. Once you have defrosted your condensate pipe restart your boiler, details on how to do this can be found in your user manual. If your boiler does not restart you may need to call out a gas safe registered engineer.
4. To prevent it from freezing again insulate the pipe with some foam pipe insulation, available from most DIY store. Unfortunately in extreme cold weather insulation pipe will not prevent it from freezing.